Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Together

Hubby and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today! And a bonus being he stayed home to spend the day here with me. That always makes for a better day even if we do nothing but the normal every day things that have to get done. Today we spent part of the day shopping for Miss 14 who tomorrow will be Miss 15. Wow, that's also hard to believe!

Later we plan to possibly go out for supper together, alone, just the two of us. I don't remember what that is like. But, I'm sure, as always happens, my cell phone will ring, and someone here at home will be fighting with someone else here at home and I'll remember why we don't ever go out to supper, just the two of us. But in the meantime, it's something to look forward to, for a moment, until reality sets in.

On the day of my wedding so many years ago I promised to love this man forever, and I do. I promised it in good times and in bad, and I have. We have. The day of our wedding at this time, we were in the basement of the church sharing "refreshments" with family and friends. The real world was so far away. Now we are living together in the real world, with real problems, some of which don't have easy solutions, and still I wouldn't trade Hubby for anyone else. There is no one I would rather work through my problems with. Thank you, Hubby, for sticking through all these years with me. You are mine, and even when I don't show it, I need you, more now, then ever.

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