Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The other day I got to head outside early in the morning. I grabbed my camera and took some photos of what I love about my yard.
Mostly what I love is the fact that it is mine, I can add what I want and take out what I hate.
We enjoy that it is big enough to play frisbee in, set up the volleyball net, or play most any yard game.
Since the kids have been young we have had a play area dedicated to their swingset, a playhouse and a sandbox. It's somewhere that they can leave their toys out and we can still mow the yard. There are days we talk about finding a bigger house, one where I can have company over and feed them without all of us sitting elbow to elbow in our non-existent dining area. But really, the one thing I couldn't leave, would be the yard. Sometimes it feels like I live in a park and I wouldn't trade houses if it meant having any less of a yard then what we live in now.
What makes you love where you live?

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Allen Fieldhouse said...

i guess i would have to say the pool because there really isn't a yard for the kids to play in. :( your yard is beautiful! enjoy!