Thursday, June 5, 2008

She Plays

I got to spend most of my day with Miss 10 yesterday. It was fairly relaxing with nothing pressing on our plate other than having to make supper for all of us. In the afternoon I "forced" her to go with me to a few greenhouses and the grocery store. My plan was just that she needed to get out of the house, and I wanted company. She was mostly excellent with only a few "I am so bored!" and "When can we go home?" for me to contend with. She helped search for specific color plants I was looking for and enjoyed just people watching. Because she was so good we made the grocery store our last stop and she got to pick something for her to share with her siblings for a snack. That took longer than shopping for plants, decisions decisions! Finally, after she made up her mind, we checked out and she came home to share her goodies.

After I had unpacked what I needed to and put things away we went for a bike ride to "the hill." This is where Miss 10 can fly down a small dirt ramp onto a long hilly sidewalk and scare her mother half to death. When we got home from our ride we played softball out back. Miss 10's version of softball is that she stands in one place while I throw every tennis ball, soft fake baseball or soft mini basketball at her plastic bat so she doesn't miss. It's excruciating but she enjoys it. I attempt to correct her posture, her swing and her hold on the bat, but I've never had much success. Apparently she is never destined for a scholarship to play women's slow pitch softball in college.
We had a fun afternoon and I returned to the great indoors to make supper while Miss 10 played outside by herself. I love when she does that. She really uses her imagination and even when I watch her I can't figure out what she is thinking half the time. This time she took out one of the collapsible rooms for the fun tunnels and the croquet mallets. She pounded the croquet mallets all around the room then crawled inside. I'm still not sure what she was using it for, even when she explained it to me I was confused. But it did make for some cute pictures. I love the one where she is staring at her thumb after she had just whacked it with a croquet mallet. I'm sure that felt good.
Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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