Thursday, June 26, 2008

In the Far Corner

We have MISS 15! Yesterday was the birthday of my middle child. She turned 15! I can hardly believe it. 15 seems so old. I still see her as the little girl she was when Miss 10 was born, in little girl clothes, with matching socks and sandals. She's got ponytails in her hair with matching ponytail holders. Sigh... when did she grow up?

Miss 15 is my favorite 15 year old, shhhhh.... don't tell! Although Miss 15 has the typical teen mood swings, irritability and eye rolling down pat, she has other attributes that make her an amazing kid WHOOPS I mean person. Miss 15 is a helper, it doesn't matter who, or what, she helps. She steps in if someone drops something, she steps in if someone can't do something, she waits to open doors for people, she offers to carry things, she offers to clean up, sometimes she doesn't even offer, she just does it. She's not one who sits still for very long, she's got a lot of her Dad in her, she needs to be doing something, anything. Yes, she will sit still, watch tv, play on the computer, chat on the phone, but not in the typical lengthy way I see most teens doing those things.

Miss 15 enjoys working, no seriously, the jobs she has now weren't forced on her, she volunteered. Did you see that? She volunteered. Miss 15 is a swim coach, right now that means she is at the pool at 8 a.m., and we make her bike there by herself. (oh c'mon, it's only 8 blocks away!) She's coach to an age range from 9 to 16. She's not a typical coach though, she doesn't always sit on the side and bark orders, usually she's in the water with them (at 8 a.m., when it's 55 degrees outside and the wind is blowing. Did I mention this season is at the outdoor pool?) showing them just how to place their hand, or move their leg, or tighten this muscle. She swims beside them and motivates them. She's also tough. She has an athlete this season who drives most coaches crazy, she deals with him in a way that earns his respect and he's a better swimmer for it. She watches out for those younger ones who are too cold, or forgot their water bottle and pulls them out to warm them up or get them water from her extra bottle. She even rides some of them home on their bikes at the end of practice.

Miss 15 decided to once again volunteer at the hospital this summer. She is thrilled when her volunteer partner is an elderly lady, of which most of them are. She gets a kick out of their stories and their idiosyncrasies. She loves older people, she has a gift for talking to them and in no way is she uncomfortable around them. I find it amazing, and I don't know where she gets it.

Yes, she can drive her parents crazy, she fights with her sister, she snaps when she doesn't get things her way, but thankfully it never lasts too long. She is so willing to say "thank you" when someone does something for her. She's unable to mumble and grunt answers at someone, she talks... a lot! I'm not trying to make her sound like a saint, she's not, but she isn't a typical 15 year old.

Miss 15, my wish for you in the coming year is that you continue to see the good in people, that you don't fall prey to the pressures of other teens to conform to their way of thinking, that you find your own way of doing things, that you continue in your amazing ways. Happy Birthday Miss 15!! Keep up the good work!

On a side note, I am headed on vacation, FINALLY, for about a week. I don't know if I will find a computer to post not, I'm not bringing one, but I may have access to one. In the meantime, wish us luck as we take an unwilling 18 year old on a family vacation with 2 girls who can't wait to go!

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DeeAnn said...

We are all lucky to have this lovely young lady in our lives. She's a true gift.