Thursday, July 17, 2008

Splish Splash

I know, it's out of focus, just a little protection for my children, plus I kind of like the way it looks. It's the view I had yesterday as I sat on the deck and played lifeguard while the girls played in the pool. Yes, I know they probably no longer need a lifeguard. They have both been in the USA swim club here since they were in kindergarten, and Miss 15 is a swim coach, but it was the perfect excuse to sit on the deck in the sunshine with my book Tuesday's With Morrie. Has anyone else read it? I liked it well enough, and it did make me think a little bit about how I'm living my life.

Miss 15 agreed to get in the pool with Miss 10 while she was waiting for her friends to come over. They hung out for nearly an hour and a half alternately freezing and swimming.

I sat and listened, while pretending to not actually listen. It was a fun experience. The girls discussed swimming and friends, the talked about what they like to do and what they like to eat. Miss 10 kept repeating, "Oh, watch this! Watch this, no not that, this.. oh let me try it again, watch this!" And at those points Miss 15 and I turned to watch whatever it was she was doing and watch her. She did the same things again and again, but we still watched, and commented. She was pleased with our performances.

Later when Miss 10's friends came over I repeatedly heard, "How about..." at one point I timed and counted. I heard it 16 times in 1.5 minutes. Seriously. It was funny. But then I remember saying similar things with my friends when we would play.
"How about you saw me and came running after me and then..."

When the pool is up our backyard is a loud, wet place. But it's a great excuse for me to be with Miss 10 and her friends and interact with them, discussing little and big things when they come up on the deck to warm up. Sometimes they come up as a group and we laugh and tease each other. Sometimes they come up one at a time and I can talk more seriously with them in a lighthearted teasing way. It's fun and enlightening reaching into the minds of this group of ten year olds. They are smart and funny, I'm not worried about the future if this group has a say in it, the world will be a better place.

Happy Love Thursday everyone!


DeeAnn said...

I love that photo!
Can I come swim in the pool too?

Your plants are getting so big already- they look beautiful! Post more pix.

I want to read that book. Did you check it out at the library or can I borrow it sometime?

Mama Bear said...

Oh, a plant photo session, I'm up for that. They are getting big, finally! I'll have to put some new photos up and bore everyone with my hobby. Be prepared!

Allen Fieldhouse said...

i love the photo too ~ great perspective. you & d are both have an eye for that!
i've read the book, i liked it. makes you want to do more for people. i also liked it because it was a quick, easy read. right now i'm reading the 988 pg. epic "the pillars of the earth"...will definitely need something light after that! :)
also, playing in the water is always never seem to outgrow it!