Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Slip Slidin' Away

Miss 10 had friends over yesterday to play on the Slip and Slide. I avoid setting up the slip and slide at all costs. I can come up with ten ideas at the drop of a hat for them to do instead of the slip and slide. I fear I am turning into my father when it comes to my grass. Do you know what happens to the grass when 3 girls spend an hour on the slip and slide? It turns to mush! And dead grass! It's sad. I don't mind the pool being set up for 3 days, they can play volleyball and badminton in the same spot for weeks, but I hate what the slip and slide does to the grass. It is such a mess, for only an hours worth of fun. Dad, what have you done to me?

Yes, they had fun, yes, it was fun to watch them, yes I remember how fun it is. But, sigh... I've been babying this grass for months, watering and fertilizing it, praying for rain that just doesn't come. Sigh...

Ok, enough, I know. I'll get over it. It's another reason why I have so many plants set in pots, (See photos on previous post!) They are just so easy to take care of that way. I can move them to keep them out of the way of water fights, volleyballs, footballs and Frisbees.

The photo above is of the girls surfing. They had already done the tummy slide, the knee slide, the backwards slide, pretty much every slide they could think of. But I think this one was their favorite.

It's been so hot here recently. I'm quite jealous that the kids are all spending time cooling off, while I'm spending my time outdoors working. So today, while I was getting set to fertilize plants, I grabbed the hose, hooked it up to a nozzle (apparently wrong) and turned on the faucet full blast. The nozzle shot half off and I was doused with some seriously chilly water before I could turn off the switch. I'm a mess, but I wasn't hot any more!

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