Monday, January 14, 2008

Who says January is boring?

I've heard people talk about January as the month when nothing happens, and earlier, after the holidays, I may have even been thinking it myself. After this past week when I filled up my calendar's dates for the month in record time, I just don't think that anymore.
January=relaxing around the tv/fireplace/under the electric blanket! I don't think so! When did life decide January was a good time to be busy? When the weather is frigid and snowy and the wind chills dip to 30 below, it's NOT a time to be busy! Who didn't get this message and decided to inundate me with things to do?
There... I got that out of my system. Phew! Now on with normal every day rantings. I picked up Mr 18's senior picture proofs today. They are wonderful. It's going to be very, very difficult to chose which ones to use as portraits and which to give to relatives. I also have a hard time looking at them and imagining that he will be going away soon. It just seems surreal. Then, when I speak to him and he's in one of his moods, it's not too hard to believe.
Hubby and I drove 2 hours out of town this morning and then hopped back on the road and drove 2 hours home again to be here in time to pick Miss 9 up from school. Hubby had work to do out of town, and I was lucky enough to be dropped off at the mall for an entire 2 hours. I found some awesome deals, so I can't even complain. I got this adorable skirt to wear with my new boots, 2 sweaters at 60% off, and 2 sweaters at 50% off. Yay for bargains! More fun~less guilt.
Tomorrow I get to chaperone and drive for a field trip for Miss 9. She's very excited for me to be able to do that. Hubby may have to stay home from work as the weather is supposed to be awful with wind gusts to 50+. It's hard to work outside when the wind call almost blow you over and the temp makes you feel like you've been hit by an ice truck. Yuck. I hate the wind.
Miss 14 is battling another case of swimmer's ear. Such fun for her with a swim meet coming up this weekend. I wish their was a cure for that: well I wish there was a cure for many things, but that's the one on my mind today.

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