Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Middle Child

A positive post for a goal for the day.

I am lucky. I wanted to add sometimes after that, but I am trying to be positive.
Miss 14 has been my saving grace lately. She has been nice to me for a little over a week. I think she sees and senses, because I try hard to hide it, the turmoil I have been in lately. Yesterday she sat with me in the kitchen to do her homework while I was working on supper. Yes, she should have been at swim, but her heart is acting up, again. Over the weekend she did her fair share of getting ready for the swim meet, she cheered for her sister, she kept an eye on her sister at the meet when she could. Miss 14 asked me to play a game of cards with her even though she was exhausted and I was crabby. It was the perfect break I needed. Last night she said goodnight, then noted I was headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed, so she came and sat in the bathroom with me and giggled about stupid things. Quite honestly this is a short list of the positives I have seen from her lately. I realize it's probably only a small break from the normal teen behavior. But I have to say, I am so lucky to have her.

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DeeAnn said...

She's a very special girl. From the moment I met her I knew I wanted a little girl of my own someday. :)