Monday, January 21, 2008


The weather here is always changing. In fact the current weather is completely normal for January. It's supposed to be below zero at night and darn cold even during the day. But we have been spoiled so far this year, with balmy temps and no snow. We still don't have much snow, but the balmy temps have flown the coop!

We had a swim meet weekend here at our house. Miss 9 and Miss 14 both had to swim for 2 days at a home meet, and Hubby and I worked at the meet. We spent many, many hours in a hot, humid environment while the outdoor temp was below zero. Each day when it came time to leave, we were all wet from pool water and sweaty from the heat. My pants literally froze.... you read it right, they froze when I stepped out the door. The girls' hair was frozen, with hats on. My poor toes, who spent all day in the wetness of the pool deck, were now stuck in their normal socks and shoes, and the moment they touched the chill of the frozen sidewalk, they fell off! Well, ok, so I exaggerate for effect, but they were cold, and despite coming home and wearing slippers and taking hot showers they are still cold, a full day later!

Miss 14 had an awesome meet. She took first overall for her age group in one of her events and was so proud of herself. 1st place is a first for her. Miss 9 had a good meet as well. She did manage to DQ a few events, but now we know what she needs to work on: flip turns. Hubby and I got to spend hours sitting together and working time clocks and stop watches and soaking our tootsies in some lovely, chlorine-y, germy water. So, it's all good.

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