Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not Dead Yet

I didn't die. I just chose to skip keeping up with this blog. That's the luxury I get when no one reads it anyway, right?
It's been a busy life at our household since Fall. We've had State Cross Country, where Mr 17, now Mr 18, placed in the top 16% of the state! Whoot! He was pleased, and I was pleased that he was pleased.
Miss 14 also had State Swim, but she didn't actually swim, she went with the team and cheered.
Miss 9 has been doing some brilliant work at school, and in spite of hours of homework with her, I feel like she is making progress. I am so grateful.
At the moment we are struggling with a case of senioritis in Mr 18, along with his own troubles that he has brought on himself. I'm not sure when he will learn, but he keeps going after girls with boyfriends, then wondering why they don't want him. It's a vicious cycle, and I know he hurts inside, but it's bringing this family to it's knees to tiptoe around him like we have been.
I have been working infrequently, yet I have managed to stay incredibly busy at home. I wouldn't mind a job a day or two a week for a few hours though.
Hubby is still swamped at work; we also have a ton of work to do for tax season which is very, very soon for us. I had been all caught up... until we had our major computer crash, and because I'm an idiot, we have nothing left of all the work I did previously.
I'm setting a goal now, to keep this blog up a little better this year. Let's see how I do...
New things since I last posted:
1. I got a new couch and chair for the living room. I ordered them and got to choose the exact fabric and style I wanted for each. I pink puffy heart them!
2. I have a new niece who is beautiful! I haven't got to meet her in person yet, and I don't know when I will get to. This makes me sad.
3. Miss 9 has started serving at mass. It took some prodding, but she is doing a great job. Her anxiety almost prevented her from doing this at all. It was a big step.
4. My sister spent a few weeks with me here at home this fall while she was pg with my new niece. It was amazing to have her here and be able to share that part of her life with her.
5. Miss 14 has realized her lifelong ambition from her kindergarten graduation: she wanted to be a swimming lessons teacher and now she is a swim coach. She is brilliant at it!

The list would be long and tedious for anyone who had to read it, so I will stop.
I will post again soon.

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