Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hubby, or as one follower lovingly referred to him the other day, Mr. Bear, (which I loved by they way!), takes Miss 10 to school 95% of the time. We wake up and all get ready for the day. I keep Miss 10 on track with reminders and gentle shoves in the right direction. She loves to linger at the table, or hang out in the bathroom doing who knows what, so it's my job to keep her moving towards the door. There are days when good-bye takes 5 or more minutes just because suddenly she has so much to say. (bedtime is like that too sometimes, but that's another story) Sometimes I am saying goodbye, kisses, hugs, and more kisses literally with my hand on her back, my other hand opening the door and pushing her gently out. She's funny that way.

She hops in the van with Hubby and I wave from the front window, every day I wave. They wave back and I scoot back into the bathroom to take the short time Hubby is gone to do something with my hair. On the way to school they listen to news and discuss the headlines, or to music and Miss 10 yells at Hubby to stop singing along. In a loving way of course. Hubby drives back home to eat a quick breakfast with me before heading to work at the farm. While on his way back to the house he listens to either AM radio, which I absolutely can not stand, or FM rock or country stations that typically drive me nutso because they are just pathetic here.

But here is the kicker, and it never fails, when I leave the house to go get in the van to go do my thing every day, the radio station is at a normal volume level, meaning very quite, and it is never on C.R.A.P radio, it is always lovingly tuned into Prairie Public Radio, aaaaahhhh, soothing. Sigh... I think, he loves me.

Happy Love Thursday everyone!


Unknown said...

Can he give lessons?

Allen Fieldhouse said...

now that is l~o~v~e!