Friday, March 13, 2009

What It Is

Yesterday Hubby generously offered to take his mother with him on a short trip. He needed to travel 3.5 hours north to pick up something he had purchased for the farm. His mother has a cousin who lives about 20 minutes from that destination. So Hubby offered to take her along, then drive her the short distance further for a short visit. She hasn't seen this cousin more than once in her life, but they do talk on the phone now and again, so she was anxious to take the trip. Hubby dreaded it a bit, as his mother has a tendency to talk, A LOT. What I really mean is she has a bit of anxiety problem with silence when she is with someone else, anyone else. She fills the silence with talking, non stop talking, often repeating the same stories over, and over, and over, or just randomly telling whatever thought happens to be running through her head. She tends to dominate every conversation when she is in a room. But, we've learned to live with it, however Hubby dreaded the 7+ hours in the car with her, hoping he wouldn't have to hear too many of the same old stories.

As it turned out, the trip wasn't too bad, and Hubby's mom really enjoyed her short visit with her cousin. He is a Friar at a monastery, so they got to tour the monastery and hear stories of the lives there. Part of the monastery's money making project is an ongoing rummage sale. The people in the area drop things off constantly and the Friar's run a store with the donations left there. Hubby's mother always feels the need to buy things when they are on clearance anywhere, so this was a ripe opportunity for her. (Our family constantly gets gifts with the clearance tags left on.) For some reason she felt the need to buy me something... and well... I'll let you see for yourself:

Yeah... that's sort of what I thought too. When I got it, it wasn't quite this shiny, I did wash it, and then polished it, yes, it is copper, but that's all I know. The top picture is a side view, the bottom is a top view. So I'm asking you... do you know... what it is??


Ronica said...

Jeff said it's native copper, as in this is the way it was mined out of the ground. He thought you'd like that, Ms. Geology buff.

jo said...

That's a cool gift. : )

DeeAnn said...

Native Copper makes it much more interesting. My first guess was a piece of doo doo cast in copper....heh