Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Study Skills

We aren't conventional sit at the table or desk and study people at our house apparently. Last night Miss 10 had several subjects of homework. This is how she sat while we practiced her spelling words. She wouldn't dream of doing this at school, but at home, I figure if she's working hard, and not distracted, we're all good. After all, I hate to sit at a desk, I'd rather lay across the kitchen floor myself, or study with my head hanging off the side of the bed or couch. So since she was getting all the words right, I didn't object.
Please take note of the size of her feet, I believe she must be headed for another growth spurt. This would also be an indicator of why she is swimming so well at the moment.

After a shower break and a few moments of chatting, we settled in to study for a Social Studies test. Apparently my desire to hang my head off the side of the couch has influenced her desire to study in this position. A few moments later as I started quizzing her she scooted closer to the edge and flopped her head over the side of the table. We were studying the inventor of the cotton gin, who built a locomotive named the Tom Thumb and the steam engine. Sometimes the facts we memorize for these tests are so useless. But that's just my humble opinion...

Later for good measure, we turned on our super secret brain powered machine and plugged in Miss 10.


Ronica said...

Eli Whitney.


jo said...

You should be able to use the concept of studying how and where you wish on the school bulletin board projects. What a wonderful incentive to kids who hate to study to know they could do it under the table, or in a tent, etc. Take some unidentifiable pictures of Miss 10 in really unusual (not that the pictures on the table aren't unusual) places and share them with the whole school.

Unknown said...

I can totally relate to Miss 10 on these positions - esp the first one which pretty much eliminates any visual distractions. Even now if I need to concentrate on something at work, I'll sometimes catch myself reading with my hands on either side of my head near my eyes - to act as blinders.

Oh, and where can I buy a super secret brain powered machine? I could use a couple of those!