Monday, March 9, 2009

Flip It

Last night I set Miss 10 up at the computer to do some research. She has 3 states she has to do reports on, and needed to fill out information sheets on each one. She knows how to look for the information, and usually knows which sources are good ones to trust. While she worked I made dinner and answered her questions now and then. Later she asked me if I could please look up a few of the informational questions on her states that she was unable to find. While she showered I looked at her sheets to figure out what I needed to research.

New Hampshire

State Motto: Live Free Or Die
State Nickname: Granite State
State Bird: Middle Finger
State Song: Old New Hampshire

Do you see it? There is a subtle mistake up there in my partial listing. She didn't catch it, but I did. I laughed until I cried, I showed Hubby, he laughed until his sides hurt. Apparently a certain site doesn't do their research well enough. I'm pretty sure the state Bird is the purple finch in N.H.

As it turned out when I pointed out the mistake Miss 10 was mortified, embarrassed and ready to kill me for laughing, so whatever you do, don't tell her I told you!


Mama Bear said...

My Mom had a comment here, it has since disappeared, I am not sure where it went, computer newbie I am I guess. However it referenced the fact that it was from a non trusted site and was an overlook. Yes, that could be true, but I do know the sites she was on, and it would surprise me. My intent wasn't to comment on the site, that is why I didn't include the name, merely the humor I saw in the answer and the fact that not always is the information available perfect.

DeeAnn said...

What a hoot!