Monday, March 30, 2009


BLIP NUMBER 1: A few months back I got a new oven. I was so excited. Now, not as much excited as frustrated. It hasn't worked right since we got it. First it would heat up, but then allow the temperature to drop 40 degrees before reheating, this makes everything take forever to get done. A call to the store, the repair man comes, he replaces the thermostat. Still the dang thing just isn't working right. It's even more frustrating because we paid the extra money for a convection oven, and it actually takes longer when I use convection then it does when I use it on a regular setting. This time we took pictures of things we had cooked at the time they were supposed to be done, and took it to the store. Chicken breasts are taking over an hour. Every night I use the thing I'm so frustrated I turn into the Queen Crabby Mother. The store contacts GE, the maker of the stove. The GE rep tells them that they typically try to repair new stoves twice before they replace them altogether. Fine, they send another part, the repair man comes and replaces the entire "mother board" of the stove. We've used it twice. It still takes forever to cook things that should be done in much less time. Do I live with it, or make a nuisance of myself and call again?

BLIP NUMBER 2: Where I am thrilled to have the girls done with swimming for a while, I am not so thrilled with the behavior of Miss 10. Apparently not having anything to do after school means that you can ask for someone to come home with you EVERY SINGLE DAY, and when the mean horrible person that is your mother says no, you are entitled to a major melt down! This meltdown can, may, and often does consist of slamming of doors, stomping of feet, yelling, crying, screaming, burying yourself in your pillow, refusing to do every day tasks and general surliness. It's lovely really. Mean Mother has taken to sending Miss 10 down to the treadmill for some walking and running. Don't knock it, it helps. Regular exercise is the only thing that keeps her emotions in check. Thank goodness volleyball starts next week, and track starts at the end of April.

BLIP NUMBER 3: I love my Wii Fit. But if it keeps telling me that I am gaining 2.2 pounds every four days I'm going to have to unplug it and give it away. It goes like this: you've lost .6 pounds, for about 3 days, then the fourth day it says you've gained 2.2 pounds SINCE YOUR LAST VISIT. I don't think so.... unplug~chuck machine through window.

BLIP NUMBER 4: I have to sub on Friday. I have become a complete germ-o-phobe about going into the school. I know I am irrational. I know I'm exposed to germs every where I go, but at the moment all I can think about is going into a classroom where just last week every third kid was gone with the stomach flu. I'm so stressed about it that it's becoming an obsession.

BLIP NUMBER 5: Mr 19 texted me a picture of him in fatigues last week saying, "How do I look?" I cried. Even though he hadn't (yet) signed up, he was just putting on his buddies fatigues,I still flipped. I don't want him to sign, and I don't want him to use me as the excuse that he doesn't. Then later this week he offered to pay part of something that he wanted after I said it was too expensive for me to buy him. "I'll cover some of it, I'll be gettin money." I know what that means.

BLIP NUMBER 6: We did not get the blizzard that the bottom third of our state did, that's the third winter storm in a row we have missed out on, and I am so grateful! It's not warm here, but it didn't snow. Hooray!

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DeeAnn said...

stupid oven! That has to be frustrating. I say call, you paid for it, they need to get you a stove that works. And who needs more frustrations, right?