Wednesday, January 14, 2009


There is whining and then there is justified whining and the amount of snow where I live leads to justified whining! Although, where my mom lives it is much worse, so she can whine even louder if she likes, I'll let her. In fact the building Mom works in is being closed today due to too much snow on the roof. They are worried about the weight of it bringing down the roof. How scary is that?

Hubby just called me from the farm. He went out to move snow today. He says the yard, equipment and roads are completely buried, like nothing he has seen since he was a kid. Our backyard is that way as well, Miss 10 has been having a blast playing in the snow pile that Hubby has created for her. It's taller than I am! In her lifetime, we have never had snow like this, so it's all a new experience for her.

I used to say the snow we can handle, it's the cold that kills me. At this point, I'm not sure on the accuracy of that statement. The cold is bad today, -14, but the snow is just as bad.

The lack of sunshine is leading to me feeling like a slug. I also think it is leading to the same problem for Miss 10. At least I hope that's all it is. Sure, she is still her busy, talkative self, but she's also being snotty and less than respectful. I am praying it's just the weather sticking it to her, and not a change in her personality leaning to the tween attitude.

The cold temps around here also lead to interesting runs from house to van to school to pool. The van slides around every corner we try, and our shoes slip on ice patches we can't even see. The girls' hair freezes in the brief walk to the van from the pool, and that's with hats on!

That global warming phenomenon that I hear is happening, could it maybe happen here, for a day or two, please?

**don't tell me that global warming is what's causing more snow, either. I know the theory on that, but my frozen brain will not listen to you! LALALALALALA


Anonymous said...

You must admit we have picture perfect landscapes this winter. I have never seen the snow so white and beautiful. Also, have you noticed that it insulates all the sounds? It's as quiet as being in the country.

Mama Bear said...

That is true, it's definitely pretty across the country. As of yet, it is still white, I dread when it starts melting and we get a big sloppy brown mess from it, but for now, that is one plus, it is pretty.

Ronica said...

Professor Brownson says it's Global Climate Change. Drop the warming moniker--it's inaccurate. Obviously!