Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love List

1. Coffee in the morning, with creamer and while reading the newspaper or a good book.

2. The brief few moments at night before Hubby and I go to sleep and we discuss our day.

3. A hot shower after spending all day being chilled.

4. Real potato chips and french onion dip. (I love it, I don't eat it, but I love it)

5. A hot summer day in my back yard hopefully sitting on the deck with a cool drink.

6. Watching the kids swim in the lake when they were younger and we vacationed at a lakeside resort.

7. Jigsaw puzzles

8. A good book and nothing to make me feel guilty for sitting and reading.

9. When my house is clean, not just when some of it is done, I mean when the floors are done, the bathrooms, the dusting, the windows, etc. When it is at the point where I know I have nothing left to clean.

10. When my family is all together and we play a game of some kind that has all of us laughing.
Happy Love Thursday!

Your turn. Give me your love list, or link to it on your blog. It has to be 10 things, not people, things that are personal to you. Ready, Go!

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