Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wrap Up

Our Christmas and New Year's Eve was highlighted with the joyous jubilant noise created by two little monsters under the age of 2. Our Niece and Nephew kept all of us on our toes and laughing until our sides were tired. They wore us out and energized the party, all at the same time. My 3 children spent a lot of time playing with their cousins, they helped, they held and they teased. They shared gift opening with them, and helped them play with their toys. It was eye opening for me to see my children as the "older" cousins and they joy they got watching their younger cousins play and misbehave (sometimes!) All three of my children were very, very good (in my humble opinion) with the little ones. They were helpful and patient, and surprised both Hubby and I with their gentleness. It was an opportunity for us to see our children in a way we aren't used to.

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