Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picture Day

While we were out of town this weekend I told Miss 10 she could pick out a new shirt for picture day at school this week. It's a big deal because it is also uncoordinated dress day, meaning they don't have to wear their school uniforms. That is a BIG deal.

We went to the mall, something we don't have in our small town, and went on a quest for a new shirt and a fall jacket. We hit every store that might have something for her as far as jackets, no luck at all. There were lots and lots of winter jackets, but nothing for those chilly days that aren't actually cold.

Now on to the whining about clothing. Miss 10 is a girl, she's not a complete girlie-girl, but she is not a tomboy either. Because I am an awful mother, I don't buy her things with names splashed all over the front. Outside of Old Navy (which for whatever reason had nothing available for her age group) every store we went in had Hannah Montana, High School The Musical 3, Cheetah Girls and some other garbage all over their clothing. It was infuriating! Who buys those things? If it didn't have trash spread all over the front, then it was a little too "bad girl" image for Miss 10 to be allowed to wear: off the shoulder shirts, low cut tops, you get the picture. My daughter is 10 years old...she's not about to go out of the house dressed like a floozy. (oops, dating myself there, aren't I?) She also doesn't constantly want to wear clothing from her overflowing supply of sports t-shirts. She only will wear those for actual sports practices. She was frustrated and I was frustrated. Not a pretty picture.

We did end up finding a cute clearance baby doll aqua colored shirt. Although it wasn't exactly what she was looking for, we amped the cute factor with a new sparkly silver headband. Hopefully the fake smile she is famous for stayed in her pocket, and didn't make an appearance for the pictures.

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Allen Fieldhouse said...

she's in those 'tween years...i bet it is hard to shop for that age group. also frustrating when you can't find anything!