Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Full Plate

We had hoped to be a little less busy this fall. With one less child at home, you would think that it would be a little easier to keep up, but really it isn't.

Beginning on Saturday and leading until this upcoming Sunday we have quite the list:
-3 swim meets, 2 of which we work at helping with set up, tear down, timing, etc.
-2 potluck suppers where luckily I am not planning them, just providing for them.
-between the 4 of us we will be traveling two to three and a half hours out of town on trips 4 different times and in 6 different vehicles.
-the tearing apart of one bedroom to be painted, re-carpeted and moved into
-the painting of said bedroom
-tearing out carpet
-5 swim practices
-2 cross country practices
-1 meeting with a teacher
-3 much, much earlier than normal morning alarm clock days
That's the extras on our list, on top of the normal day to day homework, meals and cleaning. It's not that we can't keep up, because we can. It's just the excuse I am giving you for not putting up a new post now and then. Oh, that plus the fact that no one comments so it feels as though I am talking to dead air. Hello??? Hello???

1 comment:

Allen Fieldhouse said...

hey, i know how you feel about the dead air...i always read your posts, just so ya know.
great, i think i'm busy now with a 5 & 2 year old...what you're telling me is that the older they get, the busier we get. actually, i'm looking forward to every bit of it!