Thursday, October 2, 2008

End of Summer

Well, it's here, the end of summer. The end of warm weather, sunshine, barefeet, capris, t-shirts, sunglasses and walking in the grass. Sigh... Today though, is gorgeous, warm and sunny with little wind, and not a cloud to be seen. I'm busy enjoying it because the forecast is calling for rain, cold and windy. Hooray....

Today though we are headed to a Cross Country meet where Miss 10 will run. It's almost too hot to be running, it should be about 81 when the races start. I'll need to cool her down with a dousing of ice water when she finishes. It will be our first CC meet since Mr 18 graduated. I think I may not be in shape to run around and watch them from different perspectives like I used to. But, I'll work on it, maybe. Maybe I'll just watch her start and finish. After all, last year I nearly missed the finish because I had ran off to watch her come by in another spot, and she's faster than I am at getting back.

The warmth today reminded me of our favorite vacation spot. I looked back at a few pictures, and longed to head to the lake again. Above are some of my favorite views from our rented cabin at Kavanaugh's on Sylvan Lake in Minnesota. The girls talk often about how they really want to go back. I want to go back too. So the pictures, are my Love Thursday post. Because of all the vacations we have taken (not that there are very many!) those were the ones we loved the most.
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DeeAnn said...

ahh I can almost feel the warmth! It was cold here today, only got to 57 on my thermometer. brrrr!