Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Don't Feel Different

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I don't feel any different than I did on September 16, but apparently I am supposed to. I didn't wake up, look in the mirror and see a new crop of wrinkles and age spots. Those have been there for a while now. I didn't gain 30 pounds over night. I managed that after having 3 children. So although physically I don't feel any different now that I've turned 40, I guess mentally I am supposed to be more mature. Sorry folks, it didn't happen. I still laugh at inappropriate body noise humor. I still think and act the same way, maybe 50 will make all the difference.

On other notes, I had a wonderful day yesterday. Hubby stayed home and spoiled me all day long. You can see what I did most of the day in the first photo. I sat with me feet up enjoying a little sunshine. Well, I did that until the kids got out of school, but pretend it was all day. The photos are from the picnic Hubby took me on for lunch. Isn't the view gorgeous? And that's only one direction, I was surrounded by those stunning views on all sides.

I requested no parties from Hubby, just time alone with him, so the picnic was perfect. Although getting there was a pain. It's not far out of town, but we ran into road construction and had to sit and wait for a pilot car. While we waited we debated whether just to turn around and go somewhere else, but in the end we were happy we didn't. We had the place to ourselves, the sun was shining, the wind helped to keep the bugs down (although we did have to move to the back of the pickup, apparently ants still come out in the wind) and the company was just what I asked for.

Later we shared supper with BabyBrother and SuperSister-In-Law. Nephew came along, too, but didn't eat much, so he didn't really get to share supper, but he did love dessert!

I was spoiled and loved and Mr 18 even called. (After a little coaxing from Hubby I believe) I received birthday wishes from family and friends and Miss 10 and her friends put out an interesting display of black and death. So in the end, turning 40 was the same as turning 39, really just another day. I'm still the same me reveling in the luck that has brought me this far in life.

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DeeAnn said...

Glad you had such a super day!
and I like your nail polish, what color is it?