Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Some people will call me crazy, and that's ok. I know I'm weird. This weekend Hubby had an unexpected day off. Harvest was stalled due to some not quite ready durum. We decided to fit in some exercise and some fun. So we drove south of town to go for a long walk with Miss 9. Miss 9 wasn't too thrilled, as we really forced her into going instead of letting her sit in front of the television rotting her brain, but we knew she would survive. The weather was gorgeous aside from some wind gusts that blew sand at us. That's something you get used to here.
Miss 9 is totally into posing for the camera so I got some great shots of her, and took some candid ones as well.
Miss 9 has always loved her shadow. When she runs cross country she doesn't watch where she is going, she watches her shadow. When we go outside on a sunny day, she dances, and watches her shadow. If we go for a bike ride, she watches.. you got it, her shadow. She spent most of our walk watching her shadow this weekend. So I got some great photos of her doing that, plus the backdrop was wonderful.
Now to the part where you'll call me nuts. I don't watch my shadow, but I do watch the ground. I am a "rock person" as Hubby calls me. I'm forever stopping when we walk gravel roads to check out some unusual rock I found. South of town where we walk, there is a ton of agates. As we walk I keep my head down and actually bring a bag along to collect them. I bring them home, wash them up and scatter them around the house in pottery bowls to check out. I love the feel of them and how they look when the light hits them. I also put them in our outdoor fountain, because when they are wet they glow. So there's the part where most people just don't get me... I'm weird... and I love rocks.

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