Friday, August 31, 2007

The Perfect Score

We spent yesterday afternoon outside in the 92 degree sun waiting for 6 different cross country races. For August it was quite toasty. I felt awful for the runners. That temp is much to warm to be running races in.

On a positive note I was very proud of our high school cross country team, who my son runs for, as they had a perfect score at this meet. That's pretty rare. What it means is that they had all 5 of the first runners. In CC you want a low score, and you get 1 point per place that you finish. So the team scored a 15, the best you can do! Go Team!

Miss 14 had a terrible time at practice yesterday with her heart. She has episodes of supra ventricular tachycardia. She has had surgery for it, but it didn't cure it. It did reduce the rate of heartbeat when she does have an episode, she doesn't have to be medicated any longer and she has many fewer episodes. When she does have one, it completely wears her out though. I felt bad for her, as she still had to go back for another practice in the evening. She was exhausted.

I spent last night helping with homework. Here are the subjects that between 3 kids I got to help with: Algebra, Honor's English, 12th Grade English, Science, Spelling and reading. I think my IQ rose many levels after all that studying!

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