Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So much to do, so little time

Oh my gosh, so I completely forgot to post anything here in ages. Not because I don't love spilling my guts to the non-existents who don't seem to be reading it, but because life just caught me up and started whirling me around and now I'm all dizzy and just couldn't remember! What an excuse... try it with your teachers little ones.

Things have changed here in smalltownuppermidwestusa. After Hubby's relatives all left to head home, two a day practices kept us swamped for Miss 14 and Mr. 17. Then just when those stopped, school started. Sheesh, I can't catch a break. Miss 14 started her freshman year of high school and Mr 17 started his senior year. Mr 17 even shocked us to the core and offered to give his sister a ride to school every day. I keep expecting him to drop her off a mile away and make her run the rest of the way or something.

Miss 9 started grade 4. It's going to be a tough year for both of us I'm afraid. She's has several learning disabilities along with ADHD-Anxiety. So... that means a lot of homework and extra's, etc. In a private school, the services offered are sometimes less than stellar; so I end up with a lot of extra things to do here with her. Which is fine, for the most part I like to do them with her.

Hubby is a stressed out weight losing mess at the moment. Harvest was going well, then we had rain, then the contracts we have signed for the durum really messed with his head. So, overall he's been pretty much a non entity here at the house. Although yesterday he was home, and it was great to have him around, but even better that HE MOWED THE YARD and I didn't have to do it! Hooray!!!

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