Friday, August 10, 2007

Whine, Moan, #itch

So on with the whining! Yawn! And the yawning. I'd like to blame the weather for my tiredness, but I really think it's just the fact that Hubby doesn't manage to come home early enough to be in bed before midnight or so, and then I'm not getting my 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep, and no, I can't function without that for too long, and today it's too long!

Miss 9 has already left for the farm with Hubby. Mr 17 just returned from morning practice (cross country) and has already commenced with more #itching about what the girls have done or what I haven't done. Sigh.... Miss 14 just got out of bed but has been laying in bed finishing Harry Potter, so now I finally have someone to discuss it with! Hooray!

I did get the lawn mowed last night, fortunately it was still 96 degrees outside while I was doing it, so I was able to sweat off a pound or so. But then my sinuses filled up over night and my eyes got swollen and itchy, so HOORAY I was able to get that pound back. I was so worried!

This afternoon I will take Miss 14 with me to the farm for supper and a chance to see Hubby. Mr. 17 will leave after his afternoon practice session. He was able to get a few hours of combining time in yesterday as well, but not without much complaining.

Hubby's family is here from out of state to help with harvest and visit with Grandma. It makes for a stressful week of cooking, cleaning and hoping for interesting topics to visit about. So far teen age boys and their whining seems to be a topic we can bond over, as their teenage boy is 16. Whatever works.

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