Monday, June 22, 2009

La Fête Des Pères

We didn't celebrate in grand style. In fact up until the actual day, I had nothing outside of one meal even planned. First off, I didn't know if Hubby would actually be staying home and not going to work, and secondly, I didn't know who was and who wasn't going to be around. So although we love Hubby to pieces, celebrating wasn't a big priority for us.

Instead, we slept in, well, we tried to sleep in. There was all kinds of noise on the street, and we had been up for 2 hours with a thunderstorm during the night, so although it was eight o'clock, the 1 a.m. bedtime, combined with the 2 hours of being up, and the son who didn't bother coming home at a decent hour, didn't lead to a lot of sleep.

On a side note, my daughters who used to fly to my bedroom at the first rumble of thunder, no longer crawl into my bed and tremble. They each checked on each other, they lay in their own beds for a long time, in each other's beds for a while, and then after 2 hours of waiting for the thunder to FINALLY stop, they got up and checked the radar themselves. Finding it was nearly done, they both went back to bed in their own rooms.

The morning was peaceful outside of a wrestling session with Miss 11. Or it could have been 3 wrestling sessions, it's hard to say if they just blurred into each other or if it was three separate times. We made chocolate chip pancakes and juneberry pancakes for lunch. Rather Miss 11 and Hubby made the pancakes. Yes I know he wasn't supposed to work or cook or do anything on Father's Day. But please remember we didn't celebrate Mother's Day this year either since he was working, so I wasn't about to let him out of everything yesterday. (And if you know him at all, you know he can never sit still for 5 seconds anyway, so he might as well be productive!)

We let Hubby open some small gifts. He and I bought a gorgeous bench for our porch in the early spring months, so we didn't exchange Mother's/Father's day gifts. The girls gave him a few things, and he's still waiting on Mr 19's gift. (He said he was taking care of it... still haven't seen it though.) After gift opening Hubby was begged and cajoled into playing Mario Kart for the Wii with Miss 11. So while they careened over hill and dale I made scotcheroos, Hubby's favorite, and sliced up peaches to have with ice cream for dessert, also Hubby's favorite. I put the chicken into a marinade and Hubby took off on a driver's training drive with Miss 15.

After a delicious supper we loaded the bikes up and headed to a park for a long bike ride. It was gorgeous out, and we enjoyed our time away from the house with Miss 11. Miss 15 had a hot date, so didn't join us.

So Father's Day wasn't an extravagant affair, but it was a chance for us to just be together, and we enjoyed it.

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