Monday, June 8, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I've tried to figure out some cohesive post to write for the past week, but there is nothing that creates a long enough story to even bother posting on, and yet there are so many little things that I can't remember them all. Really it's like my day to day life has ADHD and can't seem to focus itself on just one thing. So here are the bits and pieces of our, and I use the term VERY loosely, summer vacation so far.

-Miss 15 is headed out on a mini vacation with her Grandmother tomorrow. I will drive them to the airport 2 hours away and bring home my sister and my niece. I can not wait to see them, but I'm sort of sad that Miss 15 is leaving me for 5 days. I like the few brief moments we get to spend together gossiping and giggling each day. It makes me feel like I have a friend. Thought I am sure my sister and I will giggle a bit, too.

-Miss 11 has bronchitis. She coughs and coughs and coughs and coughs. I am so tired of listening to her cough that I want to yell at her, and I feel so awful that she is sick, it's kind of an anomaly. Yet she still has enough energy to drive me crazy at times. We've been enjoying a little bit of time each day playing Ziggity, a card game by Cranium. She's waiting for me right now to come and play. Today she has a dentist appointment to get her teeth cleaned. I have rescheduled it 3 times due to her coughing, I don't want to reschedule it again, so I am going to take her in and hope and pray that it works out.

-Hubby and Mr 19 have finished seeding! I can't tell you what a relief it is to have that over with. Hubby worked 26 days in a row, 12+ hour days, and spent nearly every other night at the farm instead of home in his bed. I missed just having breakfast with him. I also missed someone else being able to make some of the decisions here at the house. Or being able to say, "Go talk to your father about it!"

-The weather here is driving me insane. I am not going to whine and go on and on about how there has been a frost warning, how our high temps never made it to 50 degrees recently or how sick of moving pots of plants to the garage and covering flower beds. Believe me, you don't want to know what I think of the weather right now.

-In the not so distant future we will be traveling for a doctor's appointment for Miss 15. It will be a ten hour drive. I'm excited to have the appointment over with, but not so much for the drive.

And now, I must go and play Ziggity. For these times when my youngest still wants me around are growing short as evidenced by the fact that my 2 oldest never want me around. I have to beg them for time to spend together. How strange is that?

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