Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hop Hop Hop

We had the most wonderful time last week with my Niece (who I still need a nickname for) and SuperSister. Niece is a wild woman. We worked hard to make her more wild then she was before she got here. Our biggest accomplishment was to take one of her newest sayings, "OH NO!" and improve on it with tons of voice inflections and facial actions. It worked and she had us laughing until we cried. Next up is "ALLELUIA!" with a big throw of the arms to top it off.

We had a really fun night when SuperSisterinLaw brought Nephew (who also needs a nickname!) over before supper one night. Miss 11 and I giggled at the two toddlers fighting over every toy in the house, and the ones outside. No, we didn't help to separate or distract them, we just laughed at them. Later BabyBrother came over and we all had a great supper followed by some Godiva Liquor. Yum. Miss 11 was an awesome babysitter for the younger set. I was very proud of her!

Miss 15 (nearly 16) was away for the week, so didn't get to join in on the giggling over the little ones, but she had a good time traveling with her Grandmother to see her cousin's in the big city. She especially enjoyed the shopping.

This week Miss 15's friend is staying with us. The girls are having a great time working out, tanning, rollerblading, and hanging out with their male "friends." Miss 15 is sure to comment after that quote... just wait and see. I spend a lot of time stocking the fridge and cooking. That plus driving them now and again.

Miss 11 has had band, volleyball camp, art class and playdates this week. I also spend time driving her to those activities.

I sort of feel a bit attention deficit myself as I hop, hop, hop from one activity to another with little time to do the things that need to be done. Although it's not as busy as during the school year, and I get moments now and then to visit with the girls, so it makes it all worth it.

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