Friday, May 1, 2009

I Can Feel It

Although my finger is not healed, I am getting more and more feeling back in it, outside of the throbbing that I put up with the first few days, I couldn't feel a thing on it. Now when I touch something to it, I almost can feel it, mostly though it sort of feels tingly, like it's been asleep. Although I can almost type with it, it's not easy, so forgive mistakes and lack of posts for just a little while longer.

Miss 10 is enduring a cold the later part of this week. It's so unusual to see her lethargic, and not hopping around like a maniac. Once in a while she'll spark into her old self and hop around, or giggle maniacally, but she's been pretty subdued. It makes me want to snuggle her up and sit with her until she gets better, but then the germ-phobic in me has other ideas. I try to balance the two sides of me, but I know a better mother would just sit with her and snuggle and baby her to no end. I take good care of her, but I just can't get too close for too long before I just have to go and wash my hands. In less than two weeks she'll be turning 11 years old. She's so excited for her birthday. She has the day off of school and everything!

Hubby has been working hard trying to get ready for seeding season. Normal years he has already been in the field by now. This year the snow, melting, cold temps and just this week nearly two inches of rain have really put him far behind. That means he is getting to the point where stress is getting the better of him, it also means that I sleep with a tooth grinding maniac. Sometimes the noises incorporate themselves into my dreams.

We have had clouds and gloom for days. Today we have had flashes of sunshine. When I see these flashes I run out on our deck and just stand and bask in it. I can't wait until we have a full day of sun, I plan to sit in it, work in it, sleep in it, read in it, walk in it.... you get the idea.


Lo said...

What do you have planned for Miss 10.67's birthday?

Lo said...

Did you ever go to the doctor to get your finger checked? If it's still that bad, please do. You could end up having permanent damage otherwise.