Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Faux Love Thursday

I had planned to wait for this post until Love Thursday, because lately I'm kind of having a hard time feeling the love on that particular day. But I am so excited and blessed, that I have to share the love today, and not later this week.

Last night was a band concert for Miss 15. It involved bands from grades 7 to 12, along with jazz bands and brass ensembles. Knowing that Miss 10 had band practice, volleyball games and track practice after school last night, we decided that Miss 10 could stay home with Hubby to work on homework, showering and night time before bed activities. I was to go to the concert by myself, which is fine. I knew with all the grades involved it was going to be very crowded, so two less people would be ok.

As the concert progressed and after I had listened to one song from Miss 15's concert band, the band director, Mr. R., began speaking. Assuming he was talking about the song they were about to play, I sort of tuned out a bit. (I know, shame on me!) One of Miss 15's close friends was sitting beside me and sort of bumped my elbow to get me to pay attention. Mr R. was discussing a young lady in his band who was in need of another heart procedure. He was talking about the costs associated with it and the fact that this was the second time she was having it done. I paid a little more attention at that point, thinking, "Oh my gosh... he can't be talking about Miss 15." Mr. R. continued saying the bands he conducts had all taken two days to bring in some cash to help pay for this procedure and would "Miss 15" please come forward and accept this money from the bands to help pay for her medical costs. She stood up and Mr. R announced the total at around $380 from the students, he also said he intended to use 25% of the proceeds paid for admission to donate as well. I was astounded, shocked and misty-eyed. Miss 15 sat back down with her band, and Mr. R also told the audience that he was sending around four young gentlemen with baskets, and if the audience was so inclined would they please put in the change from their pockets if they would like to help out with this cause. Again, I was astounded and again I got tears in my eyes. I watched as person after person dropped money in the baskets, even high school students sitting and watching their friends play in the bands.

Later during the concert Mr. R. brought Miss 15 back on stage after another band had finished playing. He brought her close to the microphone and he spoke again. He thanked the audience profusely and commented on their generosity and giving spirit. Then he announced to everyone as he handed Miss 15 a stack of money that the audience had raised over $1,700. There was applause, and there were more tears from me. After the concert Miss 15 and I went to find Mr. R and to thank him. We brought the money home and dropped it on the table to show Hubby. We both teared up again. This was such a shock, and we were so surprised.

This morning I opened an account at the bank to keep this money safe until it is used to pay for the procedure. The total was $2,331. There was a check for $100, so we can easily thank that person for their generosity, but there was also a hundred dollar bill in the mix. Someone anonymously gave one hundred dollars. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around that. (Miss 15 came home for lunch today and is highly suspicious the anonymous donor was her English teacher.)

We feel blessed. We feel humbled. We feel grateful. There are so many, many people in our community who have needs much greater than ours. Yet the audience and band had it in their hearts to support Miss 15 with this generous donation.

Because we rarely accept or ask for help from anyone in any part of our lives, this generous outpouring has given has terrible guilt, not that we are ungrateful in any way, but we feel as though people are just being too kind. There is no way that we can thank everyone who gave money, there is no way to let people know how very, very much this meant to us. But we are grateful, and we are blessed to live where people give, and expect nothing in return.


jo said...

What a wonderful story! I'm so glad Miss 15 was the beneficiary of kindness from her classmates. She will never forget it.

Lo said...

That's fantastic! Reading your post brought tears to my eyes as well. I'm glad you live in such a caring and generous community where your family is obviously loved and appreciated.

DeeAnn said...

Really Truly this is so amazing, and a blessing! Brought tears to my eyes. And yet knowing how much you all give to your community it's also not surprising that so many would give back in return. You all deserve it.