Friday, February 6, 2009


You know when you have a little of everything, you throw it in the pot and call it stew, or soup? (Actually I would never do that, but you get the point, right?) That's what this post is like, a little of everything.

Yesterday Miss 15 texted me at about noon. (I know, shame on her, in school... bad, bad girl!) She asked if I could come and pick her up at lunch because her heart was misbehaving, again, and she was feeling awful. So I picked her up and brought her home. I offered to make her some lunch, but she decided to make her own instead. Her stomach hurt and her arms were numb. This is nothing new when it comes to how her heart makes her feel, but it is new to have both together. I made her sit for a while to get her heart slowed, then she changed clothes and decided to nap. Her heart racing like that exhausts her, to the point where she's barely coherent sometimes. So she crawled into bed with her usual mountain of covers and a fan on for noise. After 2 hours I decided I needed to wake her and see if she was able to go to work (coach at the pool) or if she felt better, etc. I went in her room and put her clean clothes on her dresser, talking softly the whole time. She never even moved, I spoke a little louder and wiggled her foot. She didn't move. I moved closer to her ear, shook her shoulder, touched her face, and she never moved. For these brief few moments my heart stopped, I had this terrified feeling of panic that she just wasn't going to wake up and I should have checked on her sooner. I pulled the blankets off her shoulders, shook her a bit and said her name. She jumped and rolled over to look at me. My legs shook, the relief was so intense. It didn't even last a full minute, but for that short time I was scared to death. How our mind can move to those scary places so quickly is surprising sometimes. She's fine today and was fine by shortly after her nap. Although now she is asking if we could look into having the same surgery again, to see if it wouldn't work this time. There are no pediatric cardiologists in our state any more, nor in the one that is 30 miles just to my west. So traveling will ensue with this project.

Mr 19 went and visited his cousins, aunt and uncle last weekend. They are 4 hours from where he goes to college now, so he trekked their direction for his cousin's final home swim meet of his high school career. My sister in law called to tell me what an amazing kid he is, how much fun they had with him, how he picked up after himself, made his bed, was helpful and polite. I asked her if she was sure this was my son and not an impostor. He's not like that here, ever. But maybe we can take solace in the fact that he is like that with others. We may have done something right!

Facebook has reunited me with a friend from high school who I thought I had lost forever. Hi Lo!! She reads here now as well. I can't tell you how much it pleases me to visit with her again. She makes me laugh, she makes me feel better about myself and she's an awesome person. Good to have you back, Lo!

Hubby and I have offered our girls a short trip away from home. We gave them 4 destinations to choose from and options at all the places for some fun, food and relaxing. The girls have a 4 day weekend coming up, and Hubby and are are VERY anxious to get away. But the girls aren't. They just want to stay home. Perhaps because they are so busy every other day of their lives, just staying home will feel like a vacation to them. Plus I am sure they are anxious to spend some time with their friends. But it is really disappointing to Hubby and I. We were both looking forward to a short trip.

This weekend we are headed 120 miles east for a two day swim meet. Miss 10 will compete and Miss 15 will coach. Both will be exhausted and crabby from the heat and activities. We have tons of errands and purchases that need to be done while we are there. We will not have happy campers traveling with us. And, naturally, since we are leaving there is now a chance for snow, wind and just after we get home (hopefully it will wait!) a winter storm.

Is that enough ingredients for a good stew? I hope so, because now I am being summoned to get moving and get some work done.

Enjoy the stew!


Ronica said...

O my God that so scared me. I am glad she is OK but holy crap. Give her a hug for me.

I'm cold or I'd type more. :)

Lo said...

I agree with La Reveuse. Just reading that account with Miss 15 scared me! Have you checked into the docs at Mayo? My dad went there for his heart surgery several years ago and still talks about how amazing the experience was.

Thanks for the shout out! It's soooo great to be back in touch with you too.

(PS I'm almost caught up with your blog posts!)

Anonymous said...

That was scarey. I was holding my breath, but I was certain Miss 15 was going to jump at you suddenly, screaming "HA HA I FOOLED YOU!" Kudos to your writing.