Thursday, February 12, 2009

All We Need Is Love

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

The first picture is the cookies Miss 15 got from one of her swim students. She's a coach and her athletes love her. They hang on her and beg for her attention whenever she's around the pool. They cheer for her at meets and she does the same for them.

The 2nd photo is of Miss 10's Valentine box for school. Actually it's just the top. Usually we do a theme of some kind, but this year she just wanted a pretty box. So we made it on Tuesday when school was canceled due to the weather. She also filled out all her Valentine cards that day and was ready to go for their class party today.


Anonymous said...

Pretty cookies! Pretty Valentine's Day Box! Happy Valentine's Day!

Lo said...

Dang! That's some fancy decoratin'!

I'm glad Miss 15 is enjoying coaching so much and that the kids are enjoying her too. I remember IDOLIZING my high school sports coaches as a kid! They seemed so old and wise.

Any valentines from/for boys for Miss 15? Mr. Bear has got to be dreading that!!!