Tuesday, November 11, 2008


There are things you do for your kids, and you wonder why... For instance:

Over the past weekend Miss 15 was swimming in her regional swim meet. It's a pretty big deal, but not life changing. Also last week, we had a major snowstorm in parts of our state, not where we live, but where we are traveling through to get to said swim meet. The interstate was closed in places along with smaller highways and various areas of no travel advised. The swim team left the day after the storm was on it's way out of the state, and only hours after the interstate had been opened up again.

Hubby, Miss 10 and I hopped in the car on Friday night and started out for the swim meet as well. The roads in our part of the state are perfect, but after about 110 miles they turned into a mess. We debated continuing on, but persevered anyway. Miss 15 and her team had made it, so we really felt we should be there to cheer her on in her quest.

Mr 18 on the other hand decided that he had to come home for the weekend. There was hunting to be done and nothing was going to stop him from that enjoyment. He traveled completely across the state to come home and make a mess of my house. On the way they got stuck once in front of his grandparents house when they were making a quick pitstop. By the time they arrived in their hometown his car was encased in ice and slop.

Hubby, Miss 10 and I watched Miss 15 in her swim meet, sitting in the pool area for 3 plus hours before we hopped back in the van to drive home. We had a total of eight and a half hours in the car that day, plus all the sitting at the pool. My tailbone was raising a protest with the rest of my body by the time we arrived home on Saturday night. Why do we drive on horrible roads to watch Miss 15 swim for all of 6.5 minutes? Because apparently we are insane! And because we got to watch Miss 15, as a sophomore, swim one of the top 50 free times in our region.

I added up the total miles we all managed over the weekend driving from town to town in three different vehicles. Between all of us, we put in 2,264 miles. What is wrong with us?


Ronica said...

Wow. That's about 6 months of driving for me. Unreal.

I thought 18 didn't have a car in Scienceville. WUWT?

DeeAnn said...

Nothing wrong with you. Your just wonderful and supportive, that's all. I know Miss 15 appreciated having you there. If only all kids were as lucky.

Allen Fieldhouse said...

well said dee, i agree! your kids are lucky to have you.