Friday, October 3, 2008

Keep Out!

I have a list in my head of things that I know shouldn't be allowed in my house. They are things over which I have NO SELF CONTROL. Mostly, it's food, naturally. I know my weaknesses, but that doesn't mean that I always have control over them.

Some things I've learned: I've been able to learn to live without more than one soda a day. Soda, specifically Diet Mountain Dew, got me through college. Dairy Queen, I worked there for a couple of years, and I swear there is something put into the ice cream that creates addicts, for years after I worked there I craved it every single day. When I worked there I ate it, every single day. In some strange twist of fate when I worked at DQ I never gained a pound, not a single pound. It was some sort of miracle. My Grandma Borgen's cooking, she was the best cook, and now that she has gotten to the point where she rarely cooks anymore, I've gotten to the point where I don't have to stuff myself to the point of unbuttoning my pants. I can't list the amount of foods of hers that I gorged on every time she made them, but I would walk miles to have one of her home made doughnuts again.

We eat fairly healthy here in my house. There is a fruit and vegetable on the table for every meal, oftentimes more than one. We don't deep fry anything, I rarely bread anything I cook, and I've gotten good at tweaking recipes with cream, butter, etc. in them. I don't elimate them, that would be a waste of a good recipe, but I can modify the recipe a bit.

There are things though, that shouldn't even be brought through my door:

real potato chip~ it doesn't matter what kind they are, if they are in my house, I have an overwhelming compulsion to eat them

potato chip dip~ again, any kind, if it's in the house, and there are chips available, I eat it. If it's at someone else's house, I eat it. I have no self control!

Toffee covered peanuts~Menards carries the giant containers of these, Miss 15 and I have finished one in less than a week. Someone help me!

Hot Tamales~ we actually keep these in the van to eat and try to stay awake on long trips. I made the mistake of buying one for the house... and then I made the mistake again, and again.

Brach's (and only Brach's) chocolate covered malted milk balls~I hate the bridge mix, too many things to weed through to get to the malted milk balls! (If they are the candy coated Brach's chocolate malted milk ball eggs that are available at Easter... oh my!)

Lindt Chocolates~ Although I have solved this problem, I keep my chocolate in the bedroom, that way I have to walk farther if I really want one, and usually I'm much too lazy for that.

I am sure this list could be longer, but you've probably seen enough, and I'm hungry now!

So, what are your weaknesses? You know you have them. What can't you keep in the house for fear of eating an entire box/carton/package?


Ronica said...

Chocolate (Lindt or Dove) and red wine.

Oh wait. You meant I'm supposed to keep them OUT of my house? Crap.


Allen Fieldhouse said...

i love the lindt choc. also...YUM!!!