Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I know you have given up on me. I've been so slow at posting recently. The computer hasn't been on my to-do list much these last few days/weeks. Right now my to-do list is consisting of a little home remodeling. No huge projects, but projects that in order to save money, Hubby and I pitch in and do as much as we can before the professionals come in to finish up what we start.

The first picture is of Miss 15's room. (Maybe I've posted that before. In my weary brain I just can't remember.) We had ripped up the carpet in what used to be Mr 18's room, and began choosing paint colors, carpet, etc. to transform what was once a very smelly boys room into a teen girls idea of what her room should look like. Since I was doing the work, bringing home the paint chips, and generally own the house, I got to have a say as well, and I was able to "lead" Miss 15 in the directions I wanted her to go for her room. But, in the end the decision really was hers, except for the carpet. The second picture is the after photo of the same area of the room. We did not paint all the walls the gorgeous shade of robin's egg blue, but only 2 of them, it is gorgeous in her room.

*In order to see the photo I talk about here, you'll have to go to another post, the one entitled Argh! Sorry 'bout that.
The third photo is of what used to be Miss 15's room, but is slowly becoming Miss 10's room. Yes, that is the paint color she chose. The interesting choosing of a young girls mind. Hmmmmm, I know what you are thinking "Wow! That is really bright!" Yes, yes it is, in fact this room has 2 windows and when the sun is shining in them, now that I have it painted this color on 2 of the walls, it feels like I may need sunglasses. But, bear with us, we do have a plan in mind, and it is a tween room, color is their friend! Lots and lots of color. The carpet has also been installed and the painting and wood polishing has been completed as well. Stay tuned for photos of the final product if I ever get it done.

We also had an egress window installed. Hubby dug the 5 foot deep hole, and early this week the concrete cutter and contractor finished up most of the project. I am in charge now of painting (Yes more painting) the trim that was put up in the window. The room it is in looks spectacular, almost like you aren't even in a basement. This will eventually become Mr 18's room and we will be moving his things there as soon as we move Hubby's office into what used to be Miss 10's room, and that won't happen until I once again get that room painted and polished. Sigh... it's a never ending vicious circle of home ownership.
So I am ending this post and headed to Miss 10's current room which is actually the office and putting things into Miss 15's old room so that Miss 10 can have her new room and.... confused yet?

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