Friday, October 31, 2008

It Must Be Bad

Last Friday I got to finally get a haircut and a color. Shhhh, don't tell though, everyone thinks this is my natural color and it changes changes shades randomly all on it's own. I hadn't had a cut since June, and was very anxious to get it done.

I had been growing my hair out for a couple of years. I have really thin hair, so it didn't exactly end up like a gorgeous cascade of locks. It was more like a thin strand of blah hanging down my back, plus I curled it all, every strand, nearly every day. It was a lot of work. I did like being able to french braid it when I had to spend days outside in 30+mph winds and when I had to spend days in the humidity of a swim meet. But mostly by the end of the day it was just flat and droopy.

So I had been warning Hubby that once I turned 40 I was chopping it off. It's just too much work. When it came time to hit the salon I gave my stylist the word that she could do what she wanted with the length. I also told her what I wanted with the color. She decided to do an inverted bob, which means the front is longer than the back. She cut about 8 inches of hair off the back and it comes just to the nape of my neck. The front nearly touches my shoulders. I left the salon and cried. It wasn't so much the cut, but the color was horrible. To me it looked like I needed to wash my hair, I had stripes of dark and light, and it was plain awful.

By the time I got back to my mom's house I knew I had to do something. Mom convinced me to call my stylist and tell her (thank you mom!) that I did not like the color. Luckily Madame Stylist had no problem having me come back in to get it fixed up the next morning. In fact when I walked in the door, she agreed with me, it did look awful. She added and subtracted some things and the color is much more to my liking. I was so glad she fixed it, and that she didn't charge me a thing!

The cut is another story apparently. Whenever I go somewhere and see people who haven't seen it they say, "Oh, you cut off your hair."

"Yes, I did."

"Do you like it?" They'll ask.

"I'm still deciding." Is usually my reply, because I am. I love having to do a lot less work. I don't necessarily love the look, but I thought it was just me, getting used to a new hairstyle is hard.

But... no one has yet to say, "Oh, it looks nice!" or "I like you haircut!" or any such utterance of any similar words.

So my only assumption can be... It Must Be Bad...


DeeAnn said...

I am willing to bet it looks great. Send me some pix!!

Ronica said...

You are gorgeous whether your hair is good, bad, or gone! I am sure you look great, but I want to see pics, too!

jo said...

Your hair looks GREAT! I love the color now. It's a layered cut and it doesn't look short at all. I think the cut is very nice on you.

Mama Bear said...

You all are good for my ego. I knew there was a reason I liked you!

Lo said...

I wanna see the new haircut too! From the way you described it, I bet it looks fantastic! Some people just can't handle change, even good change. What's most important is that YOU like it - and it seems as if you do, you just don't like people's lackluster reactions. These are stupid people with no taste.