Monday, July 30, 2007

Teenage Boys are Slobs

Am I right about this, or is it just my teenage boy? Here are a few questions, redundant and perhaps not needing actual answers but... whatever...

1. Is it really impossible for teenage boys to shut their dresser drawers? Out of 6 drawers why must 5 of them be left open with clothing hanging out of them at all times?

2. Why are keys constantly lost? Why, every day, do I hear, "Has anyone seen my keys?"

3. Are wet towels on a bedroom floor a fashion statement for teenage boys?

4. How many times can a teenage boy step over a pair of their own dirty socks without picking them up?

5. Must a teenage boy's bedroom have dirty laundry, garbage and an unmade bed as decorative objects in them?

6. When a teenage boy says, "Can you pick me up a _________?" does the item always have to be expensive? As though I can run out to the store and just come home with a $200 item and not think twice about it.

7. Does leaving open cereal boxes out, cracker bags strewn on the counters, dirty plates, utensils, and glasses make teenage boys feel more manly?

8. If I post more of this will I bore you? Because this list could go on, and on and on...

What in the world have I done wrong with this spawn of mine? Miss 14 picks up after herself. Miss 9 knows she should pick up after herself, and she does, 80% of the time. What the h*$% is up with Mr 17 and his inability to see the mess that apparently just flies out of his rear as he walks through a room?

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