Friday, July 20, 2007

Mom, Mom.... I love you!

Seems I am the luckiest woman in the world. When Miss 9 was younger, those words frequented her vocabulary. She would wander over to look for me, and just blurt them out, or I would walk through a room, she'd peek over and *pop* there were those wonderful words again.
This week Miss 9 started doing that again. It is the sweetest thing. For a while I was moaning to Hubby that she never did that anymore and I really missed it. Yay, she has started again!
A bonus to our vacation was the loads of people in Cali creating a little anxiety in Miss 9. She didn't go anywhere without being more than willing to hold my hand. I missed that too, and I know it is a brief phase again, but I still loved it.
On the less sappy note Mr. 17 is mad at his mother, yes again, because I won't let him and a friend (is that proper English) drive a separate vehicle this weekend as we take a 2 hour trip to visit some family. We are bringing the friend with us, isn't that enough? Why in the world does he need to drive separately? His reason: so we can go rollerblade somewhere downtown. Since adding more fuel usage and pollution to the environment doesn't suit me, I said no. I'm in the doghouse again.
Miss 14 hasn't pushed too many buttons this week, so I won't complain and jinx it. It's a touchy age.
The weather has decided hot and humid is the way to go for a while, so we have had up the pool. We emptied it last night so as not to kill the grass, but I think we'll set it up again in a new spot next week. Miss 9 loves it! My back doesn't love emptying it though. Who knew 38 would feel so old? Every little extra bit of work seems to lay waste to my back. What a wimp, huh?

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