Thursday, April 26, 2007

Try Try Again

Here we go again! My second day of "blogging." Who would have ever thought that would become an actual word?

I am trying to think of some generic names to refer to my children and hubby without using their actual names and getting in trouble with them. I'm tempted to use Mr. Forgetful for my 17 year old son, but should he ever read this blog, I think he may be offended. I'm not sure if it's his age or hormones or just the fact that he's a teenage boy, but the kid manages to forget everything if he doesn't have his mother reminding him 15 times. I packed his cooler for him last night, he has a track meet today and needs those essentials like Gatorade, granola bars, sandwiches and still more carbs of some sort. This morning it was sitting on the table. Presumably so it wouldn't be forgotten. He ate his breakfast at said table, but still managed to leave for school without the cooler. This isn't the first time. Tuesday, track meet, forgot the same cooler! Some would say, let him go without it and teach him to remember things on his own. But the mother in me says that going to a track meet in the sun, and running several miles without water, Gatorade and carbs, really wouldn't be too good for his body. He's a distance runner, so healthwise he really does need to have most of those items.

So I sent hubby off with the cooler when he dropped off our 8 year old daughter at school. He put the cooler in 17's car at the High School. Hopefully he found it there and took it with him. I'm sure he hadn't even realized it was forgotten yet.

Do you think our children will ever realize how much we actually do just for them in a day? How much of our life is devoted to their well-being and happiness? How our thoughts throughout the day revolve around how they are doing, what they are doing, and sometimes what we hope they are not doing?

My brother and his wife are fortunate enough to have just had a baby boy. I watch them all together and think how much their lives are about to change, and how at that time you don't even realize it. You just flow with it and do what has to be done. But looking back, since my son was born over 17 years ago... what a change in my life. What a difference in where I thought my life would be. Children change everything. (mostly for the better, but there are those moments....)

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