Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Forehead Stamp: SUCKER!

A friend called late last night. Not just any friend, but a friend who always calls when she needs me to volunteer to do something. Typically it is at the elementary school where our kids are in the same classroom. Currently we are working on the end of the year things for the 6th grade class: yearbooks, limo renting and t-shirts. It's not difficult, just little things to organize. So, when she called I expected to be discussing the details of an email I had just sent to the parents of the 6th grade class.

I was in bed already, reading, so maybe I was in an extremely vulnerable, my-brain-is-not-working-properly state when I agreed. She starts out asking innocently if my March and April are already booked up, and I politely told her, "It depends on what you want me to do!" She doesn't ask me to take over projects from her, usually it's more along the lines of "can you help me with..." projects. Our 11th graders are also in the same class, went to elementary school together, and are still good friends. We have been working on projects together since they were in Kindergarten. This one though, this one takes the cake.

We have now agreed to co-chair the After Prom Party. Dear God, what have I gotten myself into now??

Ideas can be sent to me through the comments if you have a brilliant suggestion. DO NOT tell me about what you did after prom, I have enough of those memories of my own, and I don't want to hear about what awaits my daughter. My son has already gone to prom, and I try hard not to think about it!


Lo said...

This is the "reward" you get for being good at everything. Good luck!

Katherine said...

My first thought was, "Limos for 6th graders?" WOW! I never got one, even for prom. I DID get to go in a super cool red fiat and after... oops you said not to tell. ha ha.

Actually I think it is GREAT you get to do this. You will be a big part of wonderful memories that the kids will always hold close as they get older. VERY cool.