Thursday, March 4, 2010

GE I Have Your Number!

I'm still being nice, I've had it up to HERE, but I'm still being nice. However, GE, should you not come around to my way of thinking in the next 2 weeks, I will no longer be nice! I will pepper the Internet with exactly what I think of you!

It's been about a year. I got a new stove! Not just any stove, I spent the extra money and got a glass top, convection oven, self cleaning, 3 racks (that can be left in the oven when it gets cleaned!) stove. I tried it, convection didn't seem any faster, it didn't add any more browning, it didn't do what it said it would do. So, I called my local dealer and the repair guy came, checked it over and agreed. It's not doing what it's supposed to do. He tinkered. It still didn't work. I took pictures of the finished products that I had baked in the oven. Brown in the front, uncooked in the back, really not pretty. The repair guy came back and replaced the whole computer board in the oven, but it was June or so, and throughout the summer I seldom use the oven, so I really didn't concern myself or pay attention.

Roll on to September and lo and behold, my beloved convection oven doesn't seem to be doing what it is supposed to do. The repair guy comes again, agrees with me, tinkers. We try again for a week or so, it still doesn't work. I call my local store where I purchased my GE stove. They agree this is a problem and call GE. GE says replace the computer board again. So they do. IT STILL DOESN'T WORK.

It's nearly Christmas, I am baking like crazy, I am having a meal more than once for 13 or so people. One night I make home made pizza's. Not thick pizza, just regular pizza. It took over 45 minutes to bake them, and the center crust IS STILL NOT DONE. I lost it, I threw a good old fashioned tantrum, I cried, and stomped and got really mad. This is not a cheap stove our local repair guy and store has been great, but my expensive stove is still not working!

Hubby calls the local store, and they so kindly agree it is a problem. Their solution, knowing I have big meals to prepare in the Christmas season, is to come and get the stove, and give me a loaner until GE finally agrees to do something. Because I need a stove, one that WORKS! That was in December. I still have the loaner stove. Our local dealer can get no response from GE. Their customer service has left him on hold for lengthy, lengthy periods of time. This is a business owner who doesn't have time to be sitting on hold.

Today we personally called GE at a request from our local dealer who is getting no response from them. GE asks for the repair guy to fax over all the repair records. I am quite sure this has already been done, but we call and ask the local shop to do it again.

GE I have your number, and at this point, I have no intention of buying another GE product for my home. Not only am I asking just to have my stove replaced, I am actually going one step up on the stove and willing to spend more money on the next one. You have 2 weeks. That's it. Either this problem gets resolved then, or I'm headed to the local Sears store.

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jo said...

I absolutely can NOT believe that they haven't gotten your new stove to you.