Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Ending

Miss 11 ran her final cross country race yesterday. She swears that next year she is swimming and next year she'll be in 7th grade and she will have to chose. Her favorite quote the day of a CC race that she doesn't feel like running is, "I'm a swimmer, not a runner!" Her coaches would beg to differ with her opinion as they often comment on her smooth stride and legs that carry her forever. There are days where she has a rough time with the race. Last week after a particularly windy and cold race she was in tears over how much her ears hurt. Also the fact that she chose to eat nearly 2 slices of french bread pizza about 40 minutes before the race and those pieces were threatening a return appearance. Yesterday she crossed the finish line, stopped short and ran to me laughing because her nose was dripping like crazy and she needed a tissue there was no whining and no complaining. Cross country is so far from a glamorous sport. The finish line is typically a mish mash of runny noses and other bodily functions that we'll leave to your imagination.

But I know, in spite of all her protestations that Miss 11 will really miss this sport. She knows she's good at it, she loves to run, and she has the endurance. But because the seasons overlap she has to choose. I've enjoyed watching her run. I'm proud that she can do something that I can't. She's got a faster mile time then I think I ever had in my entire life. Hopefully the skills and ability she learned here will stay with her, and she won't be scared to run for exercise or pleasure as she ages. Our goal with involving our children in these sports isn't for top billing at a state tournament and it's not for scholarships to college. Our goal is to give them the ability to exercise for their health and not hate or dread it.

Miss 11 took 2nd in this race with her fastest mile time yet. But most importantly, she had fun and we are proud of her!
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jo said...

Way to go Tessa! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! And what a great attitude toward sports and exercise. I am proud of you all. :)

love, j.

DeeAnn said...

That's a wonderful gift you have given her!!

Way to go all of you!