Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Way to Accessorize!

I thought perhaps you would enjoy a picture of my new accessory, it's lovely, no? I considered showing you a picture of my finger underneath my pretty new splint, but it's not for the squeamish, and it wouldn't be fair without a warning. Miss 15 was so grossed out she ran from the room.

I'm normally not too klutzy, I have quick reflexes, strong arms and pretty fair eyesight. For whatever reason yesterday whether my mind was elsewhere or my reflexes were impaired I have no idea, bit I managed to slam my hand in a door. Fortunately only one finger took the brunt of the force, unfortunately it was apparently my favorite finger because it is darn difficult to do anything without use of that finger.

I handle pain well, I don't whine normally, just deal and move on. This however was one of those that brought me to my knees and made me feel ill. I was coherent enough to get ice on it right away, so I think I saved a lot of further swelling. I iced it for two hours straight, and if you have never tried driving children all over town while icing your dominant hand, then you just aren't living.

Still the damage isn't pretty. Because I took the blow right above or right at my top joint, all the force went to the tip of my finger. The nail is black, the very tip is blood red where all the blood was forced up and there is bruising all around the joint. The skin is pulled so tight that I can't straighten it, but I can bend it so I'm sure nothing is broken. Mostly it is one giant, swollen bruise on the very top of my finger with enough pressure in it that putting my hand under the sheet last night nearly made me cry. So the splint is just for protection against more bumps and a reminder to me not to use the finger. I'm learning lots of new skills this way though: doing my make up, Miss 10's hair, typing, using a mouse, cooking, brushing my teeth, slicing bread, etc.

I am not begging for sympathy, I'm explaining why there may be a lack of posting, although I am getting fairly decent at typing without that finger. In the meantime sitting still and not moving makes it throb a lot less, so I think I'll get a few books read, though my house may suffer from lack of attention.

Next time you are near a door, try to shut it without having your fingers in it. You'll thank me for the warning.


DeeAnn said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeowch!!! Hope it heals really fast for you. Not using that finger has to be hard.

I hope you kicked that dumb door. ;)

Lo said...

1) Ow! Ow! Ow!
2) It's an old wive's tale that you can't move a body part if the bone is broken. You may want to get it checked if the pain is that bad.
3) Did you do your nails before taking that pic of your hand? They look great! I am jealous.
4) Hope you feel better soon, especially since you can't take any pain meds.

Mama Bear said...

No Lo, I never, ever do anything to my nails outside of file them short, which on this pic I needed to do. I spend way too much time in dishwater to have decent nails.