Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Verdict

The verdict is in, and Miss 10 has decided she loves her new room. The photos above were taken just after we finally finished everything. It took forever! The artwork wall is picture that she has done in various art classes. The dots around the curtains and doors are from Target. They added just the perfect touch. The colors and layout of the room are the workings of a mind with a bit of ADD, but also with the help of a mother who didn't let her go hog wild. It's perfect for Miss 10 and really suits her personality.

We've been busy enjoying spending time with SuperSister and her daughter. More tales to come about the niece who growls, and sings, and dances.


Ronica said...

Super cute! I'd love living there. :D Nice job!

jo said...

Her room has PERSONALITY!! Just like Miss 10. :)