Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kids I like, parents maybe not so much

I was able to sub yesterday in a fun classroom. I usually enjoy my working days. Although the classroom was fun, it was very noisy, there are lots of kids in it, so I felt like "shhh..." and "listen up" were my most used words. The kids were great though, so I won't complain.

The things I will complain about though are dorky parents and the lack of heat. My classroom never got above 60 degrees all day! Seriously! Since I wore a blazer, I decided I didn't need a jacket. Boy was I wrong. I let the students put on their outdoor sweatshirts and jackets, and how I wished I had one too. My fingertips were so cold all day and my nose was freezing too. I'm such a baby, unless it's 80+ degrees I wear long sleeves, so this temp did me in.

Another complaint: Parents! I'm a parent too, so don't think I've gone to the other side. This specific problem is with one parent. Her son is notoriously behind in class because he will not stop talking, ever! So he often has a lot of homework. Which should be expected since every teacher and sub since kindergarten has told her that her son talks A LOT! Anyway, yesterday she called the school and had my classroom paged while I was in the middle of a lesson. She needed to "ask" me a favor: Would I please keep her son in from his afternoon recess and make him do his homework. He was going to be busy all day after school and into the evening and she didn't feel like keeping him up late doing home work. Excuse me? I don't mind if a students has to stay in from recess. It gives me some one on one time with them and they get the extra help they need. BUT, I don't like that a parent would ask it of me just to prevent homework that day. Teachers do deserve a break for the bathroom now and then. This recess would have been my second one of the day~ at 1:45 p.m. and at that point using the bathroom was a necessity not a luxury.
My oath for the day: I will remember never to ask a teacher to keep my child in from recess just to prevent homework. Teachers need a break but even more than the teacher, students need a break.

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