Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Miss 12, it's hard to fathom where the years have gone. Just yesterday she was having tantrums where I had to pick her up and carry her off to calm down, and today she is 12. Honestly I remember very few meltdowns from this year; what a change.

Miss 12, you are the light of my eye. You are an amazing young woman. I can't figure out how we got to this point in your life. I remember a lot of hard work, but what I remember the most is how suddenly you just seemed to blossom. Oh sure, there are still moments where you ignore someone who is speaking directly to you, you tuck your upper and lower lip into your mouth, bow your head and avert your eyes. If they give you a compliment you tend to ignore them, and just keep walking. But if they tease you- look out! You have become the master of teasing, and you know just what to pick on with people who understand you. You have a keen wit, and a sharp, quick mind that floors those who think you are just a shy, quiet girl. Your sense of humor has sent me into fits of giggles on many occasions this year.

I can't imagine how it must baffles your early grade school teacher when they see the books you are reading now. The librarian is completely astounded with the books you finish in a week. (Not the books from her library, as really those are at this point much too easy for you.) We are so proud of you. Though you struggle with spelling, your reading aptitude is incredible. Though multiplication facts are still beyond you, your capability for problem solving, in the most unusual ways, is amazing. To see you volunteer to be the song leader at mass after so may years of you being so shy makes all the adults (and your parents!) at your school beam with pride.

Your athletic ability, even in sports you don't typically play, is awesome. Watching you take on the boys from your class, and challenge them outright, and win, makes my chest want to burst with pride. Although I would never tell you- I wouldn't want you to get a big head! It won't be long before those boys will decide not to take you up on those challenges, because they know they will lose, but right now they still think that since they are boys, they will win. I love the grin on your face when you prove them wrong.

Making friends with more of your classmates, putting yourself out there by attending dances and activities you have never done before, calling people on the phone just to talk, asking adults questions of your own accord, ordering at restaurants, becoming Secretary of the Student Counsel and giving the speech to do that, these were all new and big steps in your life this year.

Next year is middle school, you keep telling me how nervous you are, and that you don't want to go. But I think it's just a front, I think you are very anxious to go to a new school, with more friendship opportunities. My wish for you as you turn 12 is that you continue to put yourself out there, because the rewards, as you have discovered this year, are great, and you are more than capable.

I love you Miss 12, please never stop challenging yourself!

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Lovely. I hope she sees this.