Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Part

I would here-to-fore like it to be known that I have done my part. I have talked to the proper people, I have notated what needs to be notated, I have discussed with the person the changes I think need to be made and I have emailed for the information that needed to be shared. I put the matter into the hands of those who need to know and I waited.

Guess what got done. Nada! Zip! Zero! Why? Because apparently this particular "important board that runs the thing" does not have the authority to bring up the discussion of personnel issues. Sigh.

Back story being this: I/We have an issue with someone who is in charge of teaching/coaching/improving Miss 11 in a certain regard. It is not being done properly, and has not been done properly in over 8 months. 8 months behind is very, very far behind.

I stepped up and talked to those who needed to know. I did a bit of research and gave information that needed to be given. I am sorely disappointed with the action that is being taken. What action? Well, a talking to along with, "yes, well, get back on track now." And that's it. Meanwhile there is an entire group of kids who are going to be way behind their peers.

Because Miss 11's situation will change in 5 months I am not going to push any farther. I fear things would get worse for her individually if I decided to open my big mouth even more. But, I fear that the children who will not be out of this situation in 5 months will fall farther and farther behind, and in another few years, that's a long way to try and catch up.

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Renee said...

humm not really knowing what is going on here, but it sounds like you did what you could. The only other thing I could think of would be to pull dd out of the situtation.

When I was in 3rd grade i was in a class that taught only how to speak the local native language and the native stories. I pulled myself out when I realized kids in other classes were doing crazy things like math. The months I lost had a huge impact on the rest of my school days as far as math goes.

Hope what ever happens is exactly what you need to happen.