Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This week I was privileged to get to spend 2 days as the librarian at Miss 11's school. I've taught nearly every type of class there is at an elementary school at one time or another as a substitute teacher. I've been all 7 grades, I've been the PE teacher for an extended time, I've taught music, I've been in the technology room, I was the LD teacher for almost 5 months at one school and 4 months at another, I've even covered the secretaries desk now and then, though not a full day. By far my favorite job is the librarian. I get to see all the kids, I get to read to them, I get to talk to them about what interests them, there aren't too many discipline problems and I get to send them back to their teachers.

This week I had all 6 grades along with 2 classes of kindergarten in 2 days. It was busy, but not too busy and it was fun to see all of the students. My only complaint would be that it has been nearly 90 degrees out both days I taught, and there is no air conditioning in the library. There is a fan, but it's broken. So it was toasty and muggy both days. The worst came when the 5th graders, all 25 of them, came directly to library from PE, where they had been running. Oh, it was a joyous mixture of odors that afternoon.

I was fortunate enough to hear lots of interesting tales and help look for some strange book choices:

- "My mom used to have a shirt like that, but she thought it got really old and ratty so she put it on a rummage sale. Then she bought another one sort of like it, it's blue like yours." Thanks kid, this is a brand new shirt, second time I've worn it.

-"I've seen a snake this big on the road by my house, it was eating a pig or something." While looking at a picture of a reticulated python.

-"I'm pretty sure I could read this." A kindergartner scanning through a chapter book with teeny, tiny print and well over 200 pages.

-"Do you know where my grandma lives?" No honey, I'm afraid I don't. But I'm sure you could tell me in a reaaallllllyyyyyy long story.

-"Mrs. Librarian doesn't do it that way." Lather, rinse, repeat... again, and again, and again.

"Do I look like Mrs. Librarian?" They say no you don't and I tell them, "Then I won't do things exactly like Mrs. Librarian," and they are fine with that, but with the kindergartners, I was a little afraid to say that, because I was scared they would say yes, and the librarian is about 64 years old.

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Lo said...

Ha! Kids say the most off-the-wall things sometimes.

I remember going the library one day when I was student teacing. A group of kindergartners came in while I was there. I showed one kid a book I thought she would like - I don't even remember why since I was there looking for high school books. As soon as the class saw me help the one child, I was surrounded by a sea of 5-year-olds, all of them repeatedly asking "Will you help me find a book? Will you help me find a book?" They were so adorable, I wanted to stay all afternoon.

Glad you enjoyed your time in the library as well - except for the shirt comment, of course.